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WE SEE IT ALL : what works well for travellers – AND what DOESN’T!

The purpose of this page is to maximise your convenience by sharing this knowledge, built over many years through seeing many thousands of travellers and their “style” of travelling.

It is aimed primarily at the first time, novice traveller, but even the experienced may find something useful.

Everyone is different, so these are purely suggestions, included for your convenience…

• Exchange Rates
• What to Pack

– Summer Specifics
– Winter Specifics
– What Should Women Wear in Turkey?
– What is Correct Attire For Visiting Mosques?

• Luggage & Packing Tips
• Lighten your Load
• Security
• Keeping in Touch
• Hints for Harmonious Groups
• Planning Your Trip
• Art of Bargaining
• Recommended Reading
• A Few Words of Turkish
• Miscellaneous

– Is it safe to drink the tap water ?
– Jetlag

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“When you have finished packing, take out half your clothes and take twice as much money!”

These lists are long: we are NOT SUGGESTING you should bring EVERYTHING.
Just consider the value of each item to YOU.

A valuable screening test is “How will it serve ME ? How much will I serve IT?” !!!

If you deem them necessary, the UNDERLINED items are best brought with you – being either expensive, tricky to find or unavailable in Turkey.
Travel Plug – the big suction disc type. Local plugs can be bought at hardware stores, but not always.
Electric Adaptor Plug – Middle east type: two horizontal, round pegs. Australian & New Zealand adaptor plugs are very difficult to find in Turkey.
Voltage adaptor (different to a plug adaptor) : Americans: Turkey has a 220 volt system.
Outdoors / camping stores merchandise.
Your national treat – Vegemite / Marmite / Biltong etc.
Head / neck travel pillow (check it is comfortable) for long bus rides.
Travel Alarm – never have to reply on others for your “wake up call” ! Battery operated, rather than electric.
Laundry bag – one that “breathes” avoids smell & mould. An old pillow case is ideal. Write your name on it clearly.
Silicone Ear Plugs – Sometime, somewhere in Turkey, you will probably be glad of them !
Small Cheap pocket calculator
Swimsuit & goggles – all seasons. Turkey has many HOT Mineral Springs; you can swim even in the snow ! Goggles ? Fantastic at Pamukkale’s submerged temple pool. The sea is VERY salty (ultra-buoyant, but hard on the eyes). Submerged ancient buildings are quite common.
ALL Reading Material including Guide Books.
Small, lightweight ‘Travel’ Games: Chess, Backgammon, Scrabble, Cards etc
Small, light Binoculars: Great for mosque domes etc !
See our Weather Page for Temperatures, Rainfall and Weather Forecasts.